The new edition of ECOtechGREEN is taking shape. This International Forum is organized by PAYSAGE – Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture in collaboration with Flormart and PadovaFiere.

The International Forum ECOtechGREEN, to be held from Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 September as part of Flormart, the nursery gardening sector trade fair recognized as the most important one in Southern Europe, will be declared this year as ExpoECOtechGREEN 2015in light of the strong tie with the Universal Exposition and the numerous international cultural contributions foreseen.

The event will indeed see the submission of innovative projects regarding the use of technological gardening from Europe, but even the participation of numerous speakers, including planners from countries undergoing development like Qatar, who have already confirmed their participation and will be presenting projects and observations inherent to the Forum themes to the over 400 professionals expected.
The event will thus amount to an important occasion for training for various professional figures, thanks to the numerous cooperative efforts and synergies created: besides the City of Padua and the Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection, support has likewise been guaranteed by the National Council of PPC Architects, the Regional Federation of the Veneto Orders of Architects, the National Council of Land Surveyors, the National College of Agro-technicians, and of the Regional Federation of the Orders of Engineers of the Veneto, which will recognize their members’ participation in the Forum with training credits. These credits will also be recognized by the Orders of Professional Agronomists and Foresters and by the National College of Agronomists. Other important collaborative efforts include that by now established with the Italian Association of Roof Gardens, and that strengthened through international synergies with ASSOVERDE.

PAYSAGE – Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture intends once again through the International Forum ECOtechGREEN, to pursue and deepen the development of inclusive green methodologies in city centers, in order to demineralize the dense city, favour a fertile, biodiverse city environment and reconstruct the human-nature balance, advantageous in the projection of population growth in metropolitan areas.
Technological gardening, intended not only as roof gardening or integrated green architecture, but even in its vastest sense, is thus placed at the center of the event, given that today the city is such a dense and complex organism requiring a technological component for the inclusion of green areas and gardens.

Along with the increasingly green and technological renewed congress area, there are two great novelties to the 2015 edition: the collaboration with Padova Promex, Special Company of the Padua Chamber of Commerce for promotion of the initiative at the international level in connection with the Expo, with whom important synergies will be developed, and the promotion of the event on behalf of the Regional Federation of the Veneto Orders of Architects.
Even the Town of Padua has guaranteed its support by increasing the synergies for this important event.

An event that further broadens the offer of training courses available through PAYSAGE which, besides being the long-time editor of the specialized magazine TOPSCAPE, has even become an accredited body through the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservers, for professional training with recognition of training credits.