ECOtechGREEN: The Technical Scientific Committee at Padua Expo Center

The Technical Scientific Committee met at the PadovaFiere headquarters to plan one of the most awaited annual appointments in the international panorama of Technological Gardening: the International Forum ECOtechGREEN, an initiative of Paysage, supported byTOPSCAPE magazine, to be held from Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 September in cooperation with the 66th edition of Flormart, International Nursery Gardening and Gardening Exhibition.

A much awaited appointment, given the name of EXPOECOtechGREEN2015, to highlight the connection with the International Expo. The Expo, precisely in recognition of the great scientific value of the Forum, granted its sponsorship to the previous edition, requested even for the 2015 edition.
This year Flormart and Paysage will be further broadening this collaborative effort thanks to the synergy developed with Promex, a special company of the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Padua, in order to create a strong connection between the Forum and the initiatives of Expo 2015.

Numerous important local figures took part in this Scientific Committee meeting at PadovaFiere to plan the basic topics of the Forum in September. These include Alberto Manzo from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, who is also a representative of the Agroenergy and Minor Productions Sector; the Town of Padua’s Councilman to the Environment, Matteo Cavatton; the President of the Veneto Regional Federation of the Order of Architects, Marzio Bottazzi; the Vice President of the Regional Federation of the Order of Engineers, Sergio Slaviero; the Regional Secretary of the National Urban Planning Institute, Lorenzo Ronzato; the Vice President of the Veneto region section of the National Institute of Architecture, Michele Franzina; and the President of ASSOVERDE, Antonio Maisto. Also participating were the University of Padua, the European Turf Grass Society, the National Association of Exporter Nurserymen (ANVE), the Italian Roof Garden Association (AIVEP), the Italian Association of Parks, Gardens, Botanical Gardens Curators (AICU), as well as the Order of Professional Agronomists and Foresters of Padua, Venice and Vicenza, the Order of Engineers of Padua, the National College of Agrotechnicians, the National Council of Land Surveyors and the Colleges of Land Surveyors of Verona and Rovigo.

Also supporting EXPOECOtechGREEN2015 are the CNR – National Research Center, the National Council of PPC Architects and ConfAgricoltura, whose representatives were unfortunately not able to attend the first meeting of the Scientific Committee but which have shown their interest and support for the September event.

Besides the programme of this important edition, the discussion covered all the themes related to technological gardening, intended not only as roof gardens or green integrated with architecture, but in its broadest sense, given that today’s cities are so complex and dense as to require a technological component for the inclusion of gardens and green areas.The International Forum thus intends to continue to examine the development of inclusive green methodologies in urban centers, in order to demineralize the dense city, favour a fertile, biodiverse city environment and reconstruct the human-nature balance.